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MGT 380 - Project Management

This course extends and expands on the core concepts of database management systems presented in ITE 305.

Following an intensive review of relational DBMS topics covered in the earlier course, students will explore advanced

topics in the administration and management of an enterprise relational database management system, such as

MySQL. Topics include access control and security; replication, backup and recovery; events, triggers and stored programs; and database monitoring and maintenance.

This course is an examination of the integration of computing technologies, systems analysis design practices, and management criteria in the design of large-scale information management and decision-support systems, includes case studies and computing lab. This course also examines how managerial and analytic functions in public and private organizations can be performed via various computer-based applications, and provides in-depth coverage of selected decision support package.

Introduction to thermal sciences with an emphasis on the foundations of thermodynamics (first law, second law, thermodynamic properties) and their application to reversible and irreversible processes, cycles, properties of pure fluids, gas mixtures, phase equilibria, and chemical reactions.

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics, including fluid statics and dynamics, equations of motion, dimensional analysis, boundary layers, flow in pipes, turbulence, fluid machinery, potential flow, Bernoulli and Navier-Stokes equations, and aerodynamics, including laboratory work to illustrate the concepts. Experiments may include fluid statics, forces on submerged bodies, manometers, surface tension, flow visualization, viscous flow in pipes, flow about bodies, and related topics.

Introduction to computational engineering, data structures and algorithms, and numerical methods. This course is oriented towards acquiring programming practice. Using the Java programming language, the participants develop codes, document, debug and validate them.

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