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The capstone module offers students the opportunity to develop their analytical and critical skills in an IT project based on a topic, selected by the student, which will be approved and supervised by a member of the teaching team. Project implementation requires the student to implement their design and make any justified modification to their chosen project using suitable tools and techniques.

CIV 102: Civilization II: The Modern World (History) This course introduces students to the chronological scope of human history from 1450 to the present. Students will examine the social, cultural, technical, economic, and political transformations that have shaped world civilizations. The course emphasizes the development of necessary university-level skills such as critical thinking and clarity of expression. Students will continue to develop skills in critical reading of primary texts. This course is part of the core program. Prerequisites: CIV 101 Credits: 3

This course provides an overview of the law and legal systems of Iraqi Kurdistan and of the Republic of Iraq, providing theoretical and practical insight into the nature and function of law. This course will analyze the role of law in a social, economic, political and historical context, providing students with not only knowledge of legal rules but also a critical understanding of the operation of rules in society.

This course provides an overview of commercial law, according to the legal systems of Iraqi Kurdistan, and of the Republic of Iraq. It analyzes how the context—social, political, and historical—affects commercial law, and considers how commercial law shapes the economy. Among the topics, we will cover are commercial law, labor law, corporate law, contracts, and other legal instruments essential to conducting business in Iraq.

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