This course will familiarize you with different genres of college-level writing in order to help you write in an academically acceptable fashion as college students. Additionally, the course will help you develop your formal speaking skills by having you verbally discuss and present about the topics you write about.  Because writing is closely linked to reading and thinking critically, this course will focus on class discussions and exchange of ideas to analyze a variety of genres, topics and issues that class material and discussions will deal with. 


In this particular version of the course, we’ll address four increasingly complex models of argument. By the end of the course you’ll be competent with all of them. We’ll begin with generating illuminating and precise thesis statements, then examine the logical connection between argumentative theses and the premises they’re based on. We’ll then look at how to argue with (multiple) other people, before shifting focus to examine the ways in which argumentation can be inner-directed, helping us improve our cognitive capacities and our relationship to the truth.

Skill Level: Beginner