The Translation major equips students with the knowledge, theory, linguistic literacy, and practical skills that are essential for professional translators, through the study of languages, linguistics, culture, writing-genres, and practical translation skills.

Graduates from the AUIS Translation program will be able to translate between English and their native language at a certifiable level, as well as have the opportunity to study other languages. In addition to required courses in translation technique and linguistics, students will take a wide range of electives that include the opportunity to study writing, literature, and other complex forms of language use, ensuring that they develop the linguistic and cultural competence to deal with texts of any genre in a wide range of settings. The degree will also include practical translation work with local businesses or institutions, so that graduates will emerge with career-relevant experience. AUIS Translation graduates will be ethical and competent translators and interpreters, demonstrating integrity and professionalism. They will be immediately certifiable as professional translators within Iraq, and will be well-prepared for international certification.

Graduates may pursue careers as full time translators, or may, thanks to the breadth of AUIS’s liberal arts educational model, find themselves in any one of the many careers where quick, accurate, culturally-competent translation is important to the employer’s success. They will have particularly direct access to international labor markets and many will find work bridging national and cultural borders.