This capstone-like course builds on previous coursework and provides participants with an  opportunity to integrate various functional areas into the development of a strategy. Participants  will study the underlying foundations of corporate strategy, opportunity assessment, strategy  implementation, and strategy control. Participants successfully completing this course will be  better prepared for their professional career in general and for a business career in particular.  Hopefully, this course will also further stimulate your interest in business affairs and developments  all around the world. In addition to the learning outcomes listed below, upon successful completion  of this course, you will have demonstrated your ability and willingness to: manage your time;  engage in constructive criticism and discussion; exhibit oral and written communication skills; use  different research resources; and exhibit a number of skills and characteristics desired by  employers worldwide – these skills and characteristics include motivation, dedication, discipline,  creativity, integrity, diversity awareness, global thinking, analytical thinking, and a positive work  attitude.

Skill Level: Beginner